We've had a busy month revising the design of our canopy vents and have made some improvements that we wanted to share.

In line with customer feedback, we have updated the design of our vents. These changes have not affected the overall size or look of the vent, but have significantly improved the airflow and functionality of the product.

What we've changed:

  1. The air filter is now removable from the inside of the canopy without having to access the bolt heads on the outside.
  2. The louvre size has increased, now twice as open as the original design, providing significantly greater airflow.
  3. Two additional louvred vent holes have been added to the vent plate, without increasing the overall size of the plate.

We value the ongoing support from our customers, whos feedback helps us to grow and continue producing new and improved products.

Thank you again for supporting our family owned manufacturing business, you are greatly appreciated!


Scott Wilkin
Rogue Canopies
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