We are excited to announce the launch of Rogue Roof Bars, a roof bar system specifically designed to provide a range of mounting and storage solutions to canopies.

Our goal was to produce the most universal and modular mounting system possible, while keeping the design simple and compatible with other accessories and products on the market so you won’t be restricted to using just one brand of accessories.

Each bar has two usable sides, a channel nut side and a dual hex slot side. The channel nut side of the bar provides a fast and simple way to add and remove accessories, brackets and adjustable tie down points using standard Unistrut channel nuts for twist lock fastening.

The dual hex slot slide of the bar allows you to mount just about anything using M8 stainless hex bolts, and is better suited for stronger, longer-term fixing, where you can utilize the two slots to securely mount accessories, solar panels, light bars, beacons and awnings.

Both sides of the bar can be used simultaneously, and all our mounting options come with the required hardware you need if you want to flip the bar over and change the mounting configuration.  

We have developed multiple mounting options including several low-profile fixed position mounting feet and a Unistrut adaptor kit for people who want to adapt to their existing Unistrut roof channels.

We do sell Unistrut channel if you would like to purchase it with your roof bars, and we can even  customise the length to suit your canopy but for anything over a metre long, its best to contact us first so we can price it to order.

Key Features

  • Suitable for mounting rooftop tents
  • Available in two lengths to suit common canopy roof sizes
  • Multiple low-profile mounting options
  • Unistrut mountable
  • Simultaneously mount to both sides of the bar
  • Strong, 2.5mm thick extrusion
  • Textured matte black finish
  • Easy DIY fitment
  • Australian made


Thank you for supporting our family owned manufacturing business!


Scott Wilkin
Rogue Canopies

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